If you’re looking to purchase swimming pool plugs, you’ll find there are a variety of different materials available. The most common kinds of plugs used for cold winterizing of swimming pools is usually a tapered plastic oblong plug with three stainless steel washers, a thin nylon wing nut, and a bolt going through the center. Most commonly called expansion plugs, because when you tighten the rubber or nylon wing nuts on top they expand outward. This allows more water to enter the pool. Most swimming pool plugs also have washer washers on each side of the hole, which allows water to be pushed through as it enters the pool.

The easiest kinds of swimming pool plugs

One of the easiest kinds of swimming pool plugs to install is one made of PVC pipe. These are made in three different configurations: full, partial, or isolation. Full configuration swimming pool plugs are the largest and can accommodate the largest amount of water. They are typically used during cold weather and winterizing. The partial configuration is suitable for smaller pools that only need to support a certain amount of water.

Finally, there are several different types of swimming pool plugs that are used to clear water from plumbing lines. There’s the popular ‘pool skimmer plug,’ which is designed to help push out the excess water collected at the bottom of the pool. You’ll also come across ‘pool snake’ plugs and ‘scum trap plugs’ that will catch all the debris and tiny insects that float around in your pool. All these different kinds of swimming pool plugs are easy to install and maintain, and many can even be removed and replaced with ease-especially if you know what type of plumbing lines or valves they’re used on!

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