Video Conferencing – A very effective means of communication that can be used at almost all workplaces and also used for professional interviews, training and presentations. Best Video Conference Equipment for Huddle Rooms/ Boards: The Lifesize Lite

The Secret Of Video Conferencing Equipment

The Lifesize Lifestyle Lite is the perfect video conferencing equipment for small and medium-sized business enterprises. It features an AV bandwidth of 300 MBit/s and the feature to connect to multiple users, conference recorder, recording/playing, whiteboard, multiple display and more. The Lifesize Lifestyle Lite comes with different add-ons and an AV connectivity card. Also features an operator lock feature which helps to prevent interference and use of the instrument by unauthorized persons.

The lifestream line of AV multipurpose video conference equipment has been designed to meet the requirements of an expanding range of business and personal needs. In this range are the HD Mesh Pro, the HD Mesh AVR, the HD DVR Pro and the HD Pro Series. In this HD series there are several features such as recording, editing and streaming. The HD mesh network camera can be used to pan and zoom. 16 GB of expandable capacity.

The most popular among real voice and webinars systems is the RealNetworks Real Audio Network. It is based on Cisco technology, which is considered to be one of the most secure networks in the world today. It is a high-bandwidth phone and VoIP telephone system that offer affordable video conferencing equipment for small, medium and large organizations. There are various advanced features that make it one of the best products available in the market today.

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