event press release

If you have an upcoming event such as a conference, trade show or sale you need to make sure that your event press release and marketing plan include a splash and will generate some buzz. This means that you need to include at least a few good lines in your event press release. Using buzz words and making it sound like a major release doesn’t mean anything without some solid promotion and attention getting strategies. In order to ensure that your event press release gets noticed and that it gets press coverage, you need to follow some simple steps.


The headline is your first message in your event press release. It needs to immediately grab the reader by its headline. Your headline needs to be newsworthy enough to get their attention, but not so newsworthy that it makes them shriek and yell and fill the entire page with nuts and bolts about your event. Ideally, invite a well-known, but still influential, celebrity or other influencer to your event so you lead with that fact. Include quotes from the celeb describing why he or she is there and what they love about your company.


The subheadline is your second most important message in your event press release. Here you should mention what your event is all about, exactly who is coming, what is going on and how your guests can help you. You should then use the third line of your headline to describe your benefits for inviting them to your event.

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