Fire watch services in New York protect public property, equipment, and personnel from potential dangerous fire threats. In most cases, fire watch guards are strategically deployed in an area where a fire alarm system or an active sprinkler system is down or failing, or where there is an emergency evacuation occurring. Fire Watch Guards | Tech Times perform fire watch patrols at selected premises or areas of high risk for fire such as warehouses and factories, hospitals, office buildings, shopping malls, and bars. Fire Watch Guards are trained to respond to a number of emergencies and dangerous conditions including electrical fires, gas leaks, cooking fires, electrical fires, gas explosions, oil leaks, and flammable vapors. They are normally positioned just outside the perimeter of the facility or building.

Fire Watch Guards Is Crucial to Your Safety

Each patrol is led by a specially trained individual, usually an EMT, and is comprised of one or two persons. Fire watch guards are also commonly trained in first aid and other essential life saving techniques. These individuals are also trained to use communication devices and to know the local law and emergency procedures for particular areas. Fire watch guard jobs require a great deal of physical stamina, as well as mental alertness. Fire security guards must be able to react quickly and safely to all types of situations, so that all of the public’s property is kept safe.

Fire watch guards may be employed in New York by the New York State Fire Marshal, New York City Police Department, the New York Fire Department, the New York State Emergency Commission, the New York City Fire Department, or any other agencies or departments as deemed necessary. The New York State Fire Marshal is responsible for granting permission to the Fire Watch Guards and for training them in the proper use of fire safety equipment and for conducting weapon inspections. A certified fire marshal will be able to grant permission for fire watch guards to patrol the premises. Fire marshals will be able to grant permission for the patrol of specific zones or districts. Fire marshals will also be responsible for the detection of any fire risk within the district or zones that they have been assigned.

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