One of the greatest things about kitchens in Derry is that they can be used for much more than cooking. Kitchens in Derry are fantastic places to spend time with family, friends and loved ones as the island of Mull and its surrounding countryside provide you with an excellent backdrop for family life. You may have originally chosen a location based on the nearby attractions – Mull and the Firth of the Clyde or the beauty of the surrounding scenery of the West Highlands. However, whatever your original reason for selecting a particular area, it’s worth considering whether you could expand your home’s usage by adding an extra bathroom and kitchen or perhaps a conservatory. This is what kitchen in Derry offers and if you’re looking to get the most from your current space, you’ll be pleased to know there are some superb remodelling opportunities around. Read more –

kitchens in Derry

You will find that the majority of our kitchens in Derry are now fitted out with either a full range of kitchen sink units and one or more sinks with built in hand held sinks. Many people prefer to fit in a large freestanding pedestal sink rather than a wall mounted one and it’s a decision that many people will regret later on. As a result of new trends in modern kitchens in Derry, many of the older peoples homes are being converted to this style and the good news is that it looks great! Modern kitchens in Derry have the benefit of being fitted out with stylish new kitchen door handles which can be matched to the original fittings.

Kitchen in Derry come in all shapes and sizes and there are some lovely examples of classic hand held sinks in bright red or gloss finishes. You can also buy kitchens in Derry with a mixture of stainless steel and chrome, offering a great choice of colours to choose from. The cabinets of your kitchens in Derry can be designed around a particular aspect or you could select the standard white units. Alternatively, you could decide to go for a rustic country kitchen style and create a log cabin theme. Although you might be restricted to selecting units with the same coloured doors, the colour of the cabinets should match the kitchen design and you’ll have a lot of choice available. Kitchens in Derry can be designed around your needs and your personal tastes but whatever your design, your kitchen is likely to look stylish and spacious with a great range of sinks and cookers.

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