helmets for karting

The three main types of helmets for karting are the DOT approved (DOT) approved helmets, NMD kart racing helmets and the full-face helmets. Within each group there are further sub-types such as light weight racing helmets, full face racing helmets and the advanced race helmets. The DOT approved helmets have had extensive testing carried out by the National Highways Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). These helmets have also been proven to be highly beneficial and up to the task of protecting you in an accident.

If you’re a new kart driver or want to improve your skills there is nothing better than a new pair of karting helmets. There are a wide range of helmets available for both recumbent and standard models. They are designed to meet different requirements and provide different levels of protection. Many new drivers find that the safety of their helmets is their number one priority so it’s important that you choose carefully. To help you decide which type is best suited for your needs, we have written an article which should give you some useful information on the subject.

How to choose Helmets For Racing Really


As for the NMD karting helmets, they were designed by Honda and have been specifically created to cater to the needs of today’s karting community. They are also extremely popular and many of us can remember using them whilst competing in our own local weekend rallies. The newest addition to the family is the advanced racing series which has become a firm favourite with the community. All of the helmets for USA are covered by a 10 year warranty and the helmets have undergone a strict manufacturing process ensuring the quality and safety of each unit. It’s clear that there is a huge level of passion and commitment from the Honda team in order to create products that really make a difference and these helmets for USA have certainly done just that!

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