Pottiputki, a small raised garden bed situated south of Helsinki, Finland is well known throughout the world as the perfect location for seedlings to be planted. It is a location which receives maximum sunshine throughout the year and receives less rain than other parts of the region. The soil of Pottiputki has a cool, moist, weed-free quality, perfect for growing seedlings in containers. Although the location receives little rainfall, temperatures during the summer months are mild, making them the perfect environment for successful growing of medicinal plants. In fact, as Finland has one of the highest levels of land coverage in all of Europe, almost all of the native medicinal plants have been developed in this unique environment.

Best With the Pottiputkido Seed Bank

When selecting plants for cultivation, it is important to choose plants that will grow best together. For instance, tulips and daisies do not do well together, as their delicate blossoms require large amounts of extra support and care to keep them hanging on the branches. Likewise, black-eyed susans and boxthorn camellias do not fare well with white-flowering shrubs, such as lavender. The best option is to select plants with similar hardiness and tolerance levels. This will ensure that they are able to coexist harmoniously with one another without being forced to compete for limited resources. Additionally, by allowing plants to grow together in a controlled environment, the gardener will be better able to establish an environment which will foster their overall growth, allowing them to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

The seeds for pottiputkido were originally developed as a way for farmers to be able to save on seed costs. After several attempts to cultivate seeds in outdoor environments without success, a soil condition similar to pottiputkido was developed. This condition occurs when there is an optimal ratio of soil nutrients and water to the amount of plants that a particular landscape can support. In this case, the plants are able to grow up to ten times their normal height because of the nutrients and water they receive. These conditions are ideal for promoting seedling growth, especially if the seeds are sown into the soil at an early age. A well-tended lawn will reward the gardener with beautiful flowers and healthy vegetation for years to come.

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