HVAC Concord NC – Getting the Proper Ductwork Checks

If you have recently HVAC company Concord had or are experiencing problems with your HVAC system, contact HVAC Concord NC specialists. “My husband says I am an idiot,” said an embarrassed wife as she left a meeting with her HVAC contractor. “He told me we need to have the thermostat checked before he goes to work on it tonight.” After the conversation, she realized that she had been having a problem with the heat for the past several months. He assured her it was only a simple problem but she needed to be taken care of.


Before taking her in, she called to check on the heating and air conditioning system which was supposed to be working fine. She found that all three systems, including one ductwork, was not up to code and would have to be replaced. The HVAC contractor assured her it was not a major problem. She left a note with him stating that she would like to know if there were any other systems like this in the house which would be more professional and preventative. She hopes her experience helps others avoid having the same problem.


The next morning, she went to another meeting with the same contractor and again checked the heating and cooling system to find that everything was up to code. She was surprised that the ductwork was not up to code, as she thought this was something that would happen at least twice a year. The contractor assured her it was not a major problem and would be fixed soon.

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