Funeral cards were introduced to the public about 70 years ago. The concept was that a loved one would write a poem or even have a photograph placed on the cover with the date of death. It was a quick and simple way to remember the person who had passed away. Today, funeral cards are much more elaborate and are used for different types of situations. They are sent out to family and friends before the actual funeral to let them know that something special is coming up – Read more

Funeral Cards Offer Lasting Treasures

Funeral cards are still used today by many people and are actually preferred over other types of stationery because they provide more detail and can be kept longer. In today’s world, they’re more of a keepsake or a token of remembrance of the person who has passed away. When funeral cards are sent to family members or friends, it gives them something to look back on when a difficult time has come up for the person.

They can be found in many different styles and designs and are used for many different purposes. Some are designed to place in a home or at a church front door to give comfort during a time of mourning. Other styles are not always remembered as a memorial card, but more as a form of note or a small note to say to friends or loved ones that you are thinking of them during this difficult time. Funeral memorial cards are commonly given to friends or family who have traveled far away to attend a funeral of someone they care about. They can also be handed out when attending a memorial service or gathering. No matter the reason why you need to get a memorial card during a time of loss, you will find that it can often be purchased for a low cost from a funeral home or memorial card store.

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