55lb Thrust Trolling Motor Go

Trolling motors are very heavy; usually around 55lbs or more, so getting one that is right for your needs can be difficult. Stronger than 55 lb thrust motors are usually much more expensive, take more battery power, and aren’t even necessary if the combined boat weight is under 1000 pounds / 1800kg or if the vessel is too long. Most trolleys are in fact powered by electric motors, but there are models available with gasoline power as well. If you are planning to go out and make the most out of your watercraft, the best choice for a tow motor is one powered by a diesel engine. The engines for these types of watercraft are usually quite powerful and often need salt water lubrication in order to operate at their best.


A strong, fully-loaded battery will be needed for a trolling motor to function properly, so make sure you purchase one that will support the increased use that your new accessory will bring you. If you are using your boat to haul a trailer or a heavier flat bed trailer with it, be sure you choose a battery that can handle the extra weight. If you’re going to be using a deep cycle battery, however, a stronger battery is necessary to support the high rate of acceleration the device will get. A high speed battery, for instance, can have a much higher charge capacity than a battery designed for trolling.


Make sure to invest in a trolley that comes equipped with a powerful and appropriate shaft length. A shaft length that is too short can be dangerous for both you and the marine environment. Also, be sure to purchase a trolley that is certified to work with any type of engine, including marine applications like jet engines. A heavy-duty motor like this is going to be necessary for saltwater safe trolling.

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